Monday, August 04, 2008

Spare the Narration

Among the most effective things--things of the mechanical and living world--are gifts given without sound. Perhaps silence is the music of the spheres--Earth is moving very fast and very quietly around the sun and holds quiet even though we fill it with violence. When it has spoken, we know it suffers--but it still loves; we don't feel the journey we take every 365 days, because we travel with it; Earth carries us on its back.

The grains that grow from the earth and become bread never begrudge that we aren't working from germination to loaf's end to serve so singly as they do. Rare if never the narration from Earth and what lives around us: "Look at me, look what I've just done and what I've got to do, and why don't you help me out?"

Gratitude is overwhelming in a world that is at once fecund, sacrificing, and silent.