Wednesday, December 07, 2016

This Day I Shall Live in Empathy

I knew a woman in the early 2000s in Purvis, Mississippi.  Her father was at Pearl Harbor, not on a ship but on the land nearby.  I actually knew her father casually as well.  I had another friend in Purvis whose husband was at D-Day--not on the beaches, but out on a ship.  When he showed an old picture of a naval vessel to my then very young son and talked about "the boys" (=soldiers), my son had some look of surprise, because I think he was thinking these were children. I could add that my Great Uncle Louis shook MacArthur's hand.

What do these brushes with history mean?  Well, for one thing that I'm an older person who was born to older parents and  who has known older people.

My advice to you, then, is to grow old and as you do to talk to older people.  Every being is deep with being and stories, some for share and others not, and when people talk, listen and remember.


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