Monday, December 05, 2016

Away with Delusions of Inconsequentiality!

I have heard that while it is hypocritical to appear better than you are, it is also hypocritical to appear worse than you are.

The big question is, does my writing matter?  Does your writing matter?

A few thoughts there.  The summer between the two years of my MA program, I was reading poetry and wanting to be a poet.  My mum wrote me a letter praising the power of good writing.  I was setting myself up to hear her say I was a great writer, but the letter continued how my mum treasured her own mother's constant stream of letters over the year.  Oh.  There was a lesson there, the biggest being that my grandmother's letters were faithful and frequent, but not amazing in the sense of being published and praised.  That said, their intended audience was pleased and strengthened.  Since then I have had the opportunity to write things that have done some good, for which I am grateful.

Why do you write?  For whom do you write?  Where would you like your writing to go?

Regardless of your writing aspirations, please consider having some honest aspirations and acting on them.


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