Thursday, November 03, 2016

Member Supported Public Writing (Thank You for Your Support)

My local public radio station doesn't come in clearly all the time.  Either it's my poor old van radio/antenna, or where I live, or both, but the audio quality isn't great or consistent.  What I like, though, is the quality of the programming.  I like Morning Edition,  Weekend Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, BBC News Hour, Performance Today and This American Life.

I don't like every program on the station so I don't listen all the time, and most often I can live with the static because I really like much of the content.  So here's the analogy to writing.  Be a writer of good content!  You will not always give your audience what they'd like to read, but try to give your best, and the audience will bear with your grammatical or stylistic imperfections because they like the quality of your content.

(And of course, the audience will be even happier if the static is gone.  To use the words of William Zinsser, "Write as well as you can.")


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