Friday, October 28, 2016

Two Thumbs Up?

Once long ago I used the expression "two thumbs up" with my daughter who countered, "two thumbs in the mouth!"

Thumbs up means we like it, it's a go, all is well.  When you get a writing assignment, how often do you give it the thumbs up?  And if you can't give it the thumbs up, does that mean you're less likely to get to it, do your best, or produce a good product?  And as always, are these rhetorical questions?

Ideally you like what you're asked to do.  It can sure help.  There's also liberation in the thought that you don't have to like something in order to do it.  If you're waiting for pleasure or inspiration before you can settle down to writing, you may not settle down to writing.  And consider this:  if your thumbs aren't up, you can use them to hit the space bar or help hold your pen; it's easier to write with the use of thumbs.


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