Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gregor and Willy

I am reading Death of a Salesman. I do not wish to sound judgmental; I hurt for Willy. I remember Kafka's Metamorphosis and think: Here are two travelling salesmen: Gregor Samsa and Willy Loman. Who is more absurd: the one who turns into a bug and is trying to figure out how to make his train, or the one who turns from himself and is trying to make a life?


Blogger Danielle said...

I have a slightly differnet viewpoint then you. In a way I dont feel sorry for Willy because if he was really trying to turn his life around, he would not have comitted suicide. Suicide is an easy way out of everything and leaves only memories and confusion for the loved ones. Willy taught Happy how to steal which is not a good thing to teach your kid and he praised Happy when he did steal. Willy was not very loving to his wife Linda. He was very obsessive adn short fuse temper.

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