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"Sonny's Blues"

"Sonny's Blues" is beautiful--especially the definition of the blues
What interests me in this story, besides the relationship between the brothers, is the relationship of the artist and her/his art, which brings me to Tim O'Brien who has said "stories can save us."

As readers, can stories save us?

As writers of stories, can the writing of the story save us?

And--let us go back to Sonny--what did playing the blues do for Sonny? For his brother (the narrator?) What does art (music, painting, literature...expand it some . . . sports, cooking, animal husbandry) do for those who practice it AS AN ART form?

What amazes, but shouldn't amaze, me is that in coming back to "Sonny's Blues" after a few years' absence opens the story for me further. I feel more of what Sonny feels. The sucessful story, yes, Flannery,you are right, expands in the mind.


Blogger Naoyuki said...

From the beginning of the story, readers, including me, are likely to be surprised to hear Sonny was arrested for engaging himself in a drug-dealing. Sonny's brother talks about Sonny and their relationship. The fact that Sonny was arrested has a nagative influence on psychological aspects of his bother. He feels sorry for Sonny. However, the last scene deletes this type of sad feeling. They enter a Jazz club. Sonny takes part in the performance. As he plays, his bother gradually notices how important music is for Sonny. Sonny looks different when he is involved in music. At the same time, I recognize "magic of music" as a form of art. Regardless of the background that each of the performers has, they can be unified and create harmony in the performance. I was impressed with how dramatically Sonny's brother understands why Sonny is so absorbed in music. Before he went to that club with Sonny, he seemed to have negative image toward music and the way Sonny leads his life. This is, I think, partly because his way of life is decent as a high school math teacher, as opposed to Sonny's. In the end, he approves the life of Sonny in his mind.

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