Friday, June 09, 2006

"A Pair of Tickets": an Amiable Story

I like this story because it has a happy tone, even though it deals with a serious subject. It is a story of clear thinking and hope. It has a happy ending. Wow, is that something! Some folks complain that "news" has so much BAD stuff in it. Similarly, "literature" can sometimes be seen as "depressing" or "troubled" or "painful." I remember my intro to lit for English majors class that I took in my undergraduate career. I approached my professor and asked if there was some "happy" literature he could recommend--something that had the substance of literature without the pain. I wonder why I wanted that; now I don't worry about it so much. But still...doesn't literature sometimes strike you as being HEAVY? But maybe I am deceived. Maybe "A Pair of Tickets" is also heavy and I'm choosing to focus on the happy elements


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