Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Snug Gun, Light Hand

This morning my nine-year-old daughter was correcting math problems. The pencil seemed so light in her hand, the numbers so random. Why should this have amazed and distressed me--that her hand was not firm and heavy, that her line was loose?

Within the week a friend sent pictures with Santa from a Christmas party a few years ago at church. My three oldest, pictured at that point, have since become more defined in their features; they've lost the softness of the younger.

Why does maturing mean more definition, more line, more angles, both in words and in countenance? I think about the wisdom of serpents and the harmlessness of doves, wondering how to hold myself and my pen like both fangs and feathers.


Blogger JN said...

And the new child? What has it taken in its hands?

10:16 PM  

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