Monday, September 17, 2007

we can't not take the pressure

Rouchefoucauld: "We all have strength enough to endure the troubles of others."

Zossima's brother: " . . . Everyone is really responsible to all men for all men and for everything. . . .And how is it we went on then living, getting angry and not knowing?"

I believe it was in high school, in Mr. Richter's science class, that I watched a video of a deep sea craft named Alvin. Alvin's crew collected a sample of something that resembled a yellow chrysanthemum. When the specimen jar was opened on the surface, the animal--I am sure it was sentient--had disintegrated with the change in pressure and resembled a pot of yellow spaetzle.

This image comes to me now as metaphor of necessary pressure. Is it possible that one is more likely to break apart under lack of pressure than too much pressure? Perhaps, especially if it is the pressure of bearing and bearing with the other. Humans are designed to live--or at least capable of living--under their mutual weight. To declare oneself free from responsibility to the other endangers integrity.


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