Thursday, October 26, 2006


I have heard that "interesting" is one of those non-words; the non-descriptive descript0r. But it is a place holder of sorts for thought to come after if we don't use it as a terminal judgment.

My interesting this week is the set of large, ink-penned quotation marks my first-grade daughter wrote on the back of one of our mini-van seats. There is nothing inside this pair of quotation marks.

What does it mean?

To state a meaning, donee or brooded over, is a good thing, but is it a required thing? Should we remain silent until the gift or travail brings forth a possibility?

Those quotation marks, she said, are something she learned about at school. One meaning, she explained, is that the voice changes (there is a new speaker).

The quotation on the back of the seat is very quiet.

Is her pair of empty quotation marks an appeal to vacant authority (the emporer has no words)?

Is it an invitation to speak for one's self, a reminder that authority is also an issue of authenticity?


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