Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finding Enjoyment in Reading Literature: 3 Tips for Getting Started

Please understand that the ancient maxim of "Delight and instruct" includes the idea of delight and starts with the idea of delight. So first off, literature is meant to give enjoyment. When approaching a text, do so with a mind to enjoy. You may have to work for the fun, but that isn't as foreign as it sounds. If you like sports, for instance, you know that the enjoyment you get from running, playing baseball, or whatever it be, does not come without some exertion. Coming ready to enjoy is the first step. Another important thing is to give yourself time--enough time--to find the enjoyment you seek. It is a highly UNsatisfying experience to pretend to read something. I have done this before--I have spent what seemed like a long time and probably was--reading Jane Austen and not remembering anything of note. Talk about a time waster! Further, as you read, allow yourself time to get over any initial distaste you might have for what you read. Some things will grow on you . . .


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