Friday, September 25, 2009

The Against Alphabet: F Through Q, Graciously by the Coffee House Cafe, Tuesday Night 22 September 2009

F by Serenity

F is against fighting, forgery, filing paper medical records, having a frenzied day and feeling frazzled; frostbite, frigid South Dakota weather and freezer burn on a fancy cut of meat.

G by J. Wise

G is against . . .

* greed that we are so overindulgent that we have lost generosity
*guns that cause grief & genocide
*always going from here to there so much that we miss the gold that is found in slowing down to greet & be kind

H by Rick L. Janssen

H is against hitmen and
Damn hades,
That HIV
And 100 degree plus
Hot days

I by Amy W.

I is against
Dis-ingenuous people
--insects that bite people
--insurmountable challenges
--introductions via blind dates

J by Loralie Harper

J is against . . .
Jerkitude attitude
Jive talk and jeers
Justice for some
But not for all

K by C. Meyer

K is against killing and killing killers, against kings and killing kings

L by J.H.

L is against
Low lifes who do nothing with their lives
Losing love, life, just losing

M by Anonymous

M is against
Malicious marauding Martians

N by Justin B.

N is against
Nonthinking responses
narcoleptic Weiner dogs--No Weiner dog should be forced to live without sleep
[See ]

O by Jennifer Ya-Ya

O is against overbearing, overzealous, ostentatious opinions expressed by overpaid ubiquitous ogres

P by Blaine Liebnow

P is against pointless wars that we have--
Pollution, prostitution
And the pornographic images
We allow our children to watch.

Q by Adam Wells

Q is against

Quiet . . . Most of the time
Q, because it always needs U


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