Friday, August 31, 2007

Evil Queen

I had a budget version of Snow White as a child, given me, I believe, by one of my bibliophilic uncles. The last page of the book was ripped--this is the first evidence of myself as literary critic.

The last page was the evil queen receiving the last judgment from her mirror that Snow White was alive and fair. I believe it was the anger in the queen's face that disturbed me and the ripping was a response.

What I didn't realize then was that there is a difference between a bad book and a book that critiques bad things.

What I overlooked, if my memory serves me correctly, was that the other side of the page was Snow White united with her prince. In ripping at the violent I ripped at the peaceful.

And now I want to write Snow White so that the queen can see and redeem herself. It would take more than the willing suspension of disbelief. It would take crafting and compassion that out fairy-tales a fairy-tale.


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